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Fresh & Frozen Fish

Albacore Haddock Seabass
Arctic Char Hake Shad
Blackfish Halibut Shad Roe
Blowfish Herring Skate
Bluefish John Dory Smelts
Butterfish Ling Spanish Mackerel
Carp Mackerel Squid (Calamari)
Catfish Mahi-Mahi Hybrid Striped Bass
Chile Seabass Mako Shark Striped Bass
Cobia Monkfish Swordfish
Codfish Octopus (Pulpo) Tilapia
Conch (Scungili) Orange Roughy Tilefish
Dab Perch Trout
Daylights Pike Tuna
Dover Sole Pompano Turbot
Eels Porbeagle Wahoo
Flounder Porgies Weakfish
Fluke Red Snapper Whitefish
Grey Sole Salmon Whiting
Grouper Sardines


of all sizes and varities.  Many brands available from: South America, Central America, Mexico, USA, Thailand, Bangledesh and India.  All Shrimp may come Shell on, Peeled and Deveined, Cooked or Uncooked.

Lobsters & Crabs

Live Lobsters: of all sizes are available from our 50,000 gallon holding tank system.

Lobster Tails: Brazilian, South African, Columbian, Nicaraguan, Australian, New Zealand, and Danish.

Lobster Meat: From our local waters hand picked by Braun Oyster or from Canada.
Langostinos Maryland Soft Shell Crabs
Crawfish Maryland Crab Meat
Kingcrab Legs - all sizes Crabmeat Stuffing
Kingcrab Meat - Chile or Alaska Crab Cakes
Dungeness Crab Sealeg Supreme & Whole
Snowcrab Legs Lobster Supreme
Snowcrab Claws - cocktail claws Icicle Crab
Snowcrab Meat - Canadian or Korean Jac King Crab
Stonecrab Claws


Peconic Bay, Cape Cod, Iceland, China, Canada, Peru, and Mexico Bays & Seas  - Fresh & Frozen.


Little Necks, Topnecks, Cherrystones, Chowders, Soft Clams, Cockles Manillas, Chopped Clams, Strips, Minced, Clam Juice, Clam Puffs, Clam Pies, and Stuffed Clams.


Long Island Local, Maine, Prince Edward Island (PEI), New Zealand, Green Lipped, Marinaded, Poached Meat.


Long Island ( Robins Island Brand), Malpeque Bay (PEI), West Coast Oysters (when available)
Shucked Peconic Bay (Long Island) and Maryland Oysters, Breaded Oysters also available.

Smoked Fish

Herring in Cream Sauce or Wine

Salmon - Sliced or Whole: Atlantic, Norwegian, Scottish, Faroe Island, Baked Meat, Salmon Spread, Lox Trimmings, Ground Nova, Pastrami Nova, Gravad Lox, Hot Smoked

Bluefish & Peppered Bluefish Mackerel
Calamari Salad Scallops
Chubs Striped Bass
Eels Trout
Finnan Haddie Tuna
Mussels Whitefish
Roll Mops Whitefish Meat
Sturgeon Whitfish Salad
Sable Plate Whiting
Salt Cod

Quality Frozen Products

Kings & Prince Mrs. Friday's Old Salt
Breaded Shrimp Breaded Shrimp Stuffed Shrimp
Cajun Popcorn Breaded Flounder Breaded Squid Rings
Shrimp Del Rey Breaded Scallops Breaded Whole Clams
Flounder Primavera Stuffed Shrimp Breaded Clam Strips
Flounder Del Rey Breaded Squid Rings Breaded Scallops
Crab Del Rey Crabby Cakes Crab Cakes
Breaded Oysters Stuffed Flounder
Crab Cutlets

Other Products

Alligator Meat Gefilte Fish
Frog Legs Manhattan Clam Chowder
Canned Tuna New England Clam Chowder
Seaweed Salad Lobster Bisque
French Fries Fish Chowder
Canned Snails


Red & Black Lump Fish Whitefish
Beluga American Sturgeon
Sevruga Tobikko
Salmon Wasabi Tobikko
Osetra Black Whitefish Roe

Sauces, Spices & Dry Goods

Sauces Spices & Seasonings Dry Goods
Cajun Boulibaise All Purpose Batter
Cocktail Cajun Garlic Bread Crumbs
Ginger Teriyaki Chopped Basil Cajun Breading
Honey Mustard Crushed Ginger Cracker Meal
Honey Soy Dill Juice Crackers
Horseradish Garlic Juice Fish Fry Breading
Lemon Butter Dill Garlic & Ginger Fish & Chips Breading
Lemon Garlic Lemon Grass Lemon Pepper Mix
Lemon Herb Lemon Pepper Seafood Breading
Pepper Diablo Minced Ginger Root Shrimp & Seafood
Scampi Old Bay Tempura Batter
Seagrill Olive Oil
Tartar Onion Juice
Teriyaki Pesto Basil
Prudome Seafood Magic
Salsa Concentrate
Shrimp & Crab Spice
Sushi Chef
White Wine

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